Kristina Mueller / Creative

S1 Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Emmy Campaign 

The goal for the 2018 Emmy Awards season, was to propel the newly launched television comedy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel into the cultural zeitgeist. Trump was in office, #MeToo was in full force — the world was ready for lead characters Midge and Susie to take it by storm.  In a multi-phased campaign, we rolled out the pink carpet to catapult Maisel from a word-of-mouth favorite, to a household name.

The show ultimately swept awards season including Golden Globes, going on to garner eight Emmys — breaking records for the most wins for a comedy show from any network.

Client: Amazon Prime Video
Role: Creative Director
Art Direction: Jordyn Brenner

Phase One: Tease 

The campaign began with a tease phase surprising the LA voting audience with a stunt “from Susie” acting as talent manager endorsing Midge’s talent. The phone number published in billboards on Sunset Blvd and LA Times went live for a limited time.

Phase Two: Educate

Deliberately reductive, we began rolling out bright pink billboards that blanketed LA and NYC. Using iconic lines from the show’s brilliant writing, we used them judiciously to be site-specifically relevant. 

Next, targeting both consumers and voters alike, we took over magazine covers of several notable womens’ and industry titles such as Cosmo and Variety. We converted to the original 50s design of each and pulled writing from S1 to sureptitiously weave Midge’s inadvertant feminist awakening in headlines.

Voter then received a bold pink DVD screener package with an endorsement from Midge’s estranged husband Joel, disrupting the typical hum of 100s of show screeners Television Academy members received.

Phase Three: Announce the Noms

Once the nominations were in, pre-roll annoucement promos ran in homepage digital takeovers across trade and consumer publications. Trade publications used bespoke unit photography to highlight the noms in each respective category such as costumes and production design.